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Kidman Jute Mat 60 x 90

The Kidman Jute Twist is a textured twisted mix of natural & white washed jute.

The ridged texture feels like a massage under the foot and gives the room a gorgeous tactile feel. We love seeing textures mixed through interiors, think twisted jute, rustic linen, rattan, chunky canvas cotton and elm timbers.

Jute is a natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly fibre adding a relaxed layer of texture and style to any home.

Jute provides durability and practicality to high traffic areas whilst being comfortable and soft underfoot. Perfect for outdoor undercover.

Being an organic and natural material, each rug has a unique character with tonal variations.

Each rug is hand made, meaning no two are the same. Irregularities are characteristic of the design and process, and are considered a feature of the product.


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